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mia 的評分: 5 (mia 的個人網頁)

2006-04-07 05:32 來自香港mia有以下留言:

請問6月份從jomsom到poon hill,現在請一個guide合理的range是多少?包括什麼?如果加個porter的range又是多少 (我只有一個backpack, 住普通usd3-5 一天的旅館就可以)?
其實我不想壓他的價,但是我budget有限,他要usd35一天是不貴了一點?包在pokhara跟trekking的所有花費,不包飲,jomsom的機票usd70+30 跟他的tips,(我不是通過旅社問的,也不去chitwan national park)。

ray 的評分: 0 (ray 的個人網頁)

2006-04-10 19:11 來自香港ray有以下回應:

I had just finished the trekking from poonhill to muktinath and pass through the jomhson alone, no need of guide and potter becasue the trekking route is so easy to find and there have many tourist along this trekking route,moreover, you can ask the nepalese if you have any problem.

mia 的評分: 0 (mia 的個人網頁)

2006-04-11 02:15 來自香港mia有以下回應:

hi ray,
tks for your opinion. i would like to know more about your trip? do u mind to add my msn by
hope to here from u soon.

ray 的評分: 0 (ray 的個人網頁)

2006-04-17 19:19 來自香港ray有以下回應:

My detail trekking information for your reference
Day1: Kathmandu to Pokhara by bus(7 yo 9 hrs)
Day2: Pokhara to Naya Pul by bus
Start trekking from Naya pul to Nayathanti(cant not go to Ghorepani because heavy rain and snow)
Day3: Nayathanti to Ghorepani
Day4: Ghorepani to Poonhill to Tatopani
Day5: Tatopani to Ghasa(have heavy rain otherwise suggest go to Lete, it is so beautiful)
Day6: Ghasa to Marpha
Day7: Marpha to Jomosom to Muktinath (9hrs non stop walking)
Day 8: Multinath to jomoson
Day 9: jomoson to pokhara by airflight.

Lok 的評分: 5 (Lok 的個人網頁)

2006-04-18 13:32 來自香港Lok有以下回應:

hi, Mia,

其中一個porter是Annapurna Sanctuary的trekking guide,
之前他為一個canadian做trekking porter-guide,
完成了25天的Round Annapurna Circuit.

mia 的評分: 0 (mia 的個人網頁)

2006-04-20 00:03 來自香港mia有以下回應:

ray, 謝謝。
lok, 謝謝。我的email是

小石头 的評分: 5 (小石头 的個人網頁)

2006-04-07 02:41 來自新加坡小石头有以下留言:


捕手 的評分: 5 (捕手 的個人網頁)

2006-04-03 10:43 來自中國捕手有以下留言:


莫國華 的評分: 0 (莫國華 的個人網頁)

2006-03-18 11:17 來自香港莫國華有以下留言:

Royal Nepali Air,黃昏時間起飛,直航,約$3,600-$4,000.


偉偉 的評分: 0 (偉偉 的個人網頁)

2006-03-09 01:48 來自香港偉偉有以下留言:


dacken 的評分: 5 (dacken 的個人網頁)

2006-03-01 10:35 來自中國dacken有以下留言:

多謝站长的分享, 我地通过你个网站获取的资料完成了一次完美的nepal之旅.虽然只是站长脚步的一小部分,但系已经感受到nepal雪山壮丽嘅美景, 可惜今次由于时间关系,去不成e.b.c.,下次我会再去的.

深蓝色 的評分: 3 (深蓝色 的個人網頁)

2006-02-26 16:58 來自中國深蓝色有以下留言:

建议从拉萨-日喀则-进入尼泊尔;在过桥过一点,换钱;可以到检查官员那里说是背包客就不用邀请信函了;在桥那里有租山地车和汽车的,我在中国 黑龙江 准备5月去(现在是自己)

FeverGuy 的評分: 0 (FeverGuy 的個人網頁)

2006-02-23 18:11 來自香港FeverGuy有以下留言:


移民客 的評分: 5 (移民客 的個人網頁)

2006-02-17 11:05 來自中國移民客有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2006-02-17 17:45 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:



莫國華 的評分: 0 (莫國華 的個人網頁)

2006-02-14 13:43 來自香港莫國華有以下留言:


Nepal 有2,300萬人,一定有些是壞人.

Jane 的評分: 5 (Jane 的個人網頁)

2006-02-12 23:37 來自香港Jane有以下留言:

For those who are going to travel in Nepal, please kindly pay careful attention to the unstable political situation at present. As well, there were some tourists missing in Nepal when they trekked and, after then, gone missing. Please make sure that the guides and porters with you are reliable from good credit travel agents. Otherwise, it would be risky and please don't travel alone!! The present economic situation in Nepal is too bad, so don't disclose your money or purses in the public so as to pay safe for your life and property!! I would have to tell that I was cheated by the Nepalese guides who demanded a lot of money from me...... I hope everyone knows about the real fact and be safe on their journeys in Nepal.

News from Kantipur On-line (12 February 2006):

Body of foreign lady found in Nagarjun forest
By Jitendra Shah/Deepesh Das Shrestha
KATHMANDU, Feb 12 - Police on Saturday evening found the dead body of a foreign lady at Nagarjun forest in Kathmandu.
The body has not been identified yet, as it has already decayed beyond recognition, according to police sources.
The body is suspected to be of one of the two ladies (German and French), who had gone missing in the same forest a few months ago.
Pitambar Adhikari, Deputy Superintendent of Kathmandu District Police office at Hanuman Dhoka confirmed the incident and said that investigation to identify the body is underway. According to Adhikari, the police are seeking help from the concerned embassies in Kathmandu.
"A completely decomposed body was recovered from the forest on Saturday. The body looks like that of a foreign lady as it has brown hair," added Adhikari.
The officer said that the body has been kept at Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj.
"We cannot say anything unless further examinations are conducted," Adhikari said, "It will take us a few more days to identify the body as we are going to perform a DNA test abroad."
French national Celine Henri, 32, and German national Sabine Gruneklee, 31, had gone missing mysteriously since September 3 and October 15, respectively. The names of both women were registered at the Nagarjun entrance but none of them signed out.
The disappearances came to light after Henri's family reported to the French Embassy in October that she had been out of contact since September 3.
On October 16, a search team from the French Embassy led by Ambassador Michel Jolivet had found some women's undergarments, fresh bloodstains, and a spot where the high grass had been trampled in the forest area.
Police at first believed they belonged to Henri. But it turned out they were Gruneklee's who had gone missing just the day before.
A second search of the area by the French Embassy found Miss Henry's keys, pages from her passport as well as Gruneklee's driving license and torn photos scattered in the area.
Police had been investigating the cases but had been left clueless.
A German police team had earlier searched the entire Nagarjun forest from December 4-11, using sniffer dogs. But they returned clueless.
As the mystery about the two ladies' disappearances in two consecutive months from Nagarjun forest, tightly guarded by army, remains unresolved, it has raised many questions.
The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA), which guards the 16 sq km forest that also houses a private palace of the royal family, says the 'disappearances' are "none of its concern".
Posted on: 2006-02-12 00:25:32 (Server Time)

ray 的評分: 4 (ray 的個人網頁)

2006-03-20 19:44 來自尼泊爾ray有以下回應:

Dear everbody,
I am in pokhara of nepal and I have just finished the 7 days trekking trip from Naya pul to Muktinath by alone, I dont find any problem durig my trekking and I found that the nepal people is very nice also. I think that there will have safety problem in all over the world for any travelling or trekking.I found that the nepal is a peacful place. Although the road blockage by moaist is just cancelled at today and it found some of the tourist are come to pokhara also.

Jess Mok 的評分: 5 (Jess Mok 的個人網頁)

2006-02-09 19:33 來自英國Jess Mok有以下留言:


I just hope that if anyone could give me the website for downloading the application form of Nepal visa. Thank you.

Much appreciate if you could email me to my address.

Best regards,

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2006-02-10 13:13 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

For HK Hong Kong residents:

KK 的評分: 5 (KK 的個人網頁)

2006-02-06 07:43 來自香港KK有以下留言:

I am planning to have some trekking to EBC in April. Could anyone recommend a reliable tour operator in Kathmandu to me? Pls email to me:

J 的評分: 5 (J 的個人網頁)

2006-02-05 00:14 來自台灣J有以下留言:

還好在出國前找到了這個網站搜集了許多有用的資訊,感謝大家。我和朋友也將在2/9前往尼泊爾了,如果到時有遇到任何志同道合的朋友...see u in Nepal!

Brian 的評分: 5 (Brian 的個人網頁)

2006-01-31 21:15 來自香港Brian有以下留言:

I am planning for trekking trip in April to the ABC. Heard that there would be avalanche in this area. Would this occur frequently? Would it be abvisable to trek in this region in early spring?

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2006-02-02 08:19 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

April should be good time for trekking in Nepal. I think most avalanche occurs in the summer rainy season.

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