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Kit Wong (Ming Pao) 的評分: 5 (Kit Wong (Ming Pao) 的個人網頁)

2001-09-20 19:27 來自Hong KongKit Wong (Ming Pao)有以下留言:



以下相片,請你以high resolution傳給我公司的電郵﹕

1 雪嶺山城
2 寺廟晨光
3 雪嶺旄牛
4 絲絲雲彩

5 城中紫樹,加德滿都
6 Golden Gate,Bhaktapur, 皇宮講場
7 加德滿都皇講場
8 廟,加德滿都
9 Ganga, Mul Chowk, Patan,都皇講場

10 Ammphu Gyabjen & Ama Dablam




Johnson Lau 的評分: 5 (Johnson Lau 的個人網頁)

2001-08-26 23:38 寫上來自ChinaJohnson Lau有以下留言:

Hi, my name is Johnson,
I had been Nepal several of times. So, I want to share my experiences with everyone.

*in Nepal, you can change the money in black market, but the rate is not big different with the money changers
*no Alien permitt is required for Hong Kong and Macau citizen who want go to Tibet by jeep (even there are 5 checkpoints on the way from Zhangmu to Lhasa)
*take the bus from Kathmandu to barabise and then change the bus to Kodari
*after the Nepal custom, you have to walk through the Friendship Bridge. You can see the Chinese Army ( Wu Ji ) standing there. And then you can take the small taxi or lorry up to the Chinese custom ( Zhangmu ). Certainly, you can take a walk, it just 10 km.
*there are many empty jeeps in the Chinese border because they just finish the journey from Lhasa to the border
*the price from Zhangmu to Lhasa about RMB 1,100, you can sit 4 persons and takes 3 days
*the driver will drop you on the Shegar on the first night, and Shigatse on the second night

*it is better to get the Nepalese visa in advanced if you want to go to Nepal from China. Because the Nepal custom in Kodari ask for the extra money for who want to apply the visa there. I heard some people paid about US100 for the visa. They will scare you "YOU must go back to Lhasa for the Nepalese visa !!" How awful it is !!

*you can find the porter and guide in Lukla, they are much cheaper and experienced
*four season sleeping is must for you
*Bring some multi-vitamin and pocari
*do not too walk fast even you can
*at least stay in Namche Bazaar 2 nights for acclimatisation
*matress, mitten and gaiters are very useful

Thank you for great pictures!

Have a nice trip for all!


david8591 的評分: 5 (david8591 的個人網頁)

2001-08-10 23:01 寫上來自chinadavid8591有以下留言:

you write very good,"努力呀,我在精神上支持你"100分

window 的評分: 5 (window 的個人網頁)

2001-07-24 23:10 來自天涯某處window有以下留言:

The pictures is great.
I can't to go to there in my life as my health.
So, I'm jealous.
In my opinion, if have the picture match with sounds then make it perfect.
But, anyway it is very nice.
Hope to read your new homepage soon.

Francis 的評分: 5 (Francis 的個人網頁)

2001-07-18 19:00 來自Hong KongFrancis有以下留言:

I had been visit Napel three times. I find the photos are excellent. Please post more photos of your trip.

Eric LIEW 的評分: 5 (Eric LIEW 的個人網頁)

2001-06-13 02:55 寫上來自TWNEric LIEW有以下留言:

An outstanding & marvellous job.

Ken Ng 的評分: 5 (Ken Ng 的個人網頁)

2001-06-07 18:34 來自HKKen Ng有以下留言:


KLS 的評分: 3 (KLS 的個人網頁)

2001-05-26 21:27 來自Hong KongKLS有以下留言:

Congratulations! A very good job.

For the reason of respecting local culture, please use the name "Chomolongma" instead of "Mt Everst".


Case 的評分: 5 (Case 的個人網頁)

2001-05-11 22:55 來自Hong KongCase有以下留言:

真的不錯! 資料亦很詳盡!

我已link 在去我的hoempage

Sin 的評分: 5 (Sin 的個人網頁)

2001-05-10 12:52 來自HKSin有以下留言:

It's absolutely a great work.

I am so happy to read your "The Himalaya" as I am looking for info for my trip to Nepal.
It's quite different from what I saw in Tibet.

Anyone who plans to go?

cal 的評分: 5 (cal 的個人網頁)

2001-05-08 07:55 寫上來自hong kongcal有以下留言:

Great Site! I bookmarked it already..^^

Thanks for your sharing and keep on the good work!!

Jeo 楊 的評分: 5 (Jeo 楊 的個人網頁)

2001-05-05 18:05 來自天涯某處Jeo 楊有以下留言:


太魯閣 的評分: 5 (太魯閣 的個人網頁)

2001-05-03 22:57 來自台灣太魯閣有以下留言:


lakers08 的評分: 5 (lakers08 的個人網頁)

2001-05-02 11:43 來自hklakers08有以下留言:

this site is very nice and detailed, I hope I could visit the himalayas one day.

raymond 的評分: 5 (raymond 的個人網頁)

2001-04-02 02:21 來自hong kongraymond有以下留言:

Your page refreshes my memory of last year trip to Nepal. I was there from 4th to 27th of May (close to your travelling period). I stayed in Kathmandu, Pokkara and Chitwan. I really enjoyed the 9-day trekking on ABC circuit: free, quiet, breathtaking, exciting... I think your trip might be more wonderful, as it spent lot of time on the mountain. I will go to Nepal again and may try your trekking route.
Thank you for the valuable information.

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